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Feb 20, 2013 8:00am EST
're talking about bags, particularly bags that guys carry around. can you go to a smaller bag if you're a guy? is that sort of acceptable? the way we carry things around now has charged a bit. >> is it a murse? >> you don't want to look like you're carrying makeup. >> true, but this is the debate. what's acceptable? aren't our needs changing in terms of how much or how little we're carrying around? >> you carry a small bag, right? >> i carry a variety of bags, including a small bag. >> and a makeup bag. >> it's not a makeup bag. no, no, it's not. >> there's product in there. >> no, there's not products. >> hairspray. >> devices, wallet. >> exfoliater. >> your wallet, you can't just carry a wallet on you? >> i don't think it needs to become a contentious debate but a question about how men's tastes and needs are changing. >> i'm going to save you in transition. >> whatever. >>> we're going to take a look at some great celebrity homes, including pamela anderson's new malibu mansion she's putting on the market and a palatial pad owned by nba star chris bosh. >>> martha stewart is here to give us
Feb 13, 2013 6:00pm PST
is a model ten, a smith and wesson ten and five it is a revolver, years ago the police officers would carry the revolvers and we went to semiauto, it can't be fired. when fired, the cylinder rotate its fires, it has six rounds and fires six rounds. the basic that you would see either a police officer in the past would use or you will see even the criminals out there with revolvers still. all right? hundreds and hundreds of thousands of revolvers in the country and they are not illegal in california. let me go to the semiauto that the officers carry, neck, any questions on the revolver. >> for each bullet have you to pull the trigger. >> that is correct, each time that you have to turn it and it fire and turns. >> if it is a semi, or a revolver you have to press the trigger every time for each round to come out. >> in 1994, 18 years ago jim galf was killed at pioneer franklin and we all did not have the same guns at the time, some still had revolvers and others had purchased semiauto mat semi auto mat ticks and where the suspect had a german ak 47 and held off 120 police officers for a half
Feb 15, 2013 6:30am PST
saddle and down and around. it's this circuitous route that's constantly carrying you down deeper and deeper and this is the landscape is just covered with these. i don't take maps out there any more out into this place because it's all memory. this place is the map. i went down with my wife, reagan, and we went down a fairly large cliff face but one that had some good ledges on it so the only reason to have rope is to lower your pack. but we didn't get all the way down before sunset, so we set a camp out on the face. and it was the most spectacular camp i think i've ever had in my life. that's my spot. and it was just this narrow ledge. i had a thermorest with me and it wasn't as wide as the thermorest so i had to put a rock under the thermorest for my head and reagan slept on top of me. nights are so solid, you don't move all night. just to get our stuff out to that ledge, you couldn't actually go with a pack. you had to take your pack off because there is a drop. you kind of have to jump from left to right. so you come up against the wall, you put your foot around and you do th
Feb 13, 2013 2:30pm PST
will carry enormous symbolic significance. it will be a kind of legacy statement. will this influence retire with him? he will live inside this former monastery. is there a danger his presence will undermine the credibility or legitimacy of his successor? will there be two popes in the vatican. this morning crowds gathered for the usual wednesday audience, among them a party of schoolchildren. >> it is quite an honor, especially since one of the last coverings. it is quite special to be here. >> it was once said the pope lack charisma. nobody says it now. hock has given way to a boisterous and affection. he said this was for the good of the church, but the modern world move rapidly. >> i am well aware of the gravity of such an act. of the same time i am aware of not being able to carry out my ministry with the physical and spiritual strength now required. >> in saying explicitly i am too old to carry on, is he also saying implicitly, in place of me, choose someone young and vigorous? today they came to pay homage to an old man who does something bold and selfless and braves. >> pope benedict
Feb 1, 2013 7:00am PST
, that the anastazi didn't disappear, they just moved and they carried everything with them. and when they ran into other cultures, they adjusted. they changed the colors of their vessels but they kept the same images, images of a landscape that is worn open, that is controlled by basic elements, by wind, by water, by gravity. see the shape of the world where i have spent my life, where i have been walking, looking for these stories. and just to give you a sense of scale here, that's me at the bottom of that pillar. and that pillar is just some old wall and that's all that's left of it, some memory of a canyon. every place out there is a memory, a memory of water, a memory of humans. most of those vessels that i just showed you -- they all came from museums. here is one that i found a few years ago, a seed jar in utah underneath a ledge. and i didn't move it from the spot. in fact, the sand had just been barely swept away to show the face of it, but it's still there. it's still under that ledge. i hope. i'd like to take you on a route and show you a way down to one of these artifacts. now, a l
Feb 13, 2013 7:00am EST
to pope benedict. and he will be carrying out all of his schedule appointments during that time at the moment but he leaves the vatican this evening as of the last day of this month, and the first of those on schedule appointments, just off the square the you see behind me. >> his first appearance since he shocked the world with his resignation. this was his regularly scheduled weekly audience. the vatican insists that it will be business as usual, but nothing here is as usual now. in the pope began by speaking of the momentous announcement of his retirement. >> i resign for the benefit of the church, having prayed hard and examined my conscience i am fully aware of the gravity of the decision i have taken. my physical and spiritual strength have been diminishing. i will not be able to dedicate myself to the church with the same energy that i would like to. >> this marked the start of two weeks in which the catholic world will say goodbye to pope benedict. his appearances will be highly charged. today he will celebrate a mass that begins the fasting season of lent. by the at the
FOX News
Feb 19, 2013 11:00pm PST
off. >> eric: you want in on this? >> bob: yeah. the idea that everybody on a campus carrying guns on friday night, male and female is about as crazy an idea as i have heard. imagine when the men come back from drinking and has a gun in their pocket? somebody will be killed >> kimberly: no one is saying they should be mandtoryly armed. >> bob: if you are carrying guns and around a campus, the chance of somebody getting shot by mistake is high. >> eric: what was about women. >> bob: mistake he made -- >> eric: they might pop somebody by accident. >> bob: it ice more likely that a man would pop somebody by accident. >> greg: this is the point. in a world where there are bad men, good women should be guns. if you look at how the media looks at the military and sexual freedom, it's autopsy you go girl. women's liberation, go, go, go. when it comes to guns, they stop. it's almost as though they are saying, when they talk about the -- they say the nra is targeting women. what they should say, every magazine editor should think guns is like yoga, but useful. >> eric: we should hear from f
Feb 20, 2013 11:00am EST
of conspiracy to commit mail fraud, wire fraud and making false statements. that carries a maximum of up to five years in prison and also a $250,000 fine. i can give you kind of a sense of what is going on right now in the courthouse. first of all, his father, the reverend jesse jackson junior is also in the courthouse arrived today. his wife is also facing charges for filing a false tax return. she has her own separate hearing this afternoon but she's also in the courthouse as well as judy smith. this is a name that is quite familiar here in washington. she's the crises manager, famous for cases like monica lewinsky, many famous cases where essentially she comes in and helps the defense. we're going to see what happens as far as how much time he ends up getting. it's going to be ultimately up to the judge. he came in, was sworn in. all of this was under oath. the judge wanted to get a sense of his state of mind. he asked him questions for instance have you been seen by a doctor. as we do know jesse jackson jr. has been seen by a psychiatrist. so they went through this whole process to get to hi
Feb 12, 2013 5:00pm PST
position of power to carry out a campaign of that is rasment. >> in deposition, mr. cheng admitted to working for tribal casinos. that concerns us. tribal casinos in the state, outside the state are competition and they would love to see this ka soo he know go out of wisdom. >> with a phone interview today, richard teng said there's no conflict. and all the work as an independent contractor has approved. he said that he had not worked with any casino since 1985. the representative of casino m8trix said he will leave it to the courts to get to the bottom of the issue. the casino operators say this lawsuit is critical as they move forward with additions to the hotel. >> president obama's state of the union address is less than an hour away. the speech is mandated by the constitution and white house officials say it will be wide ranging. >> we are live in capitol hill, steve, what is the tone and goal for the president tonight? >> well, the tone is the question mark. good evening. he will definitely talk about north korea, and afghanistan and, jobs, immigration and guns, those are the
Feb 16, 2013 2:00pm PST
as lack shar youngy a pro sunni sectarian group, band in pakistan in 2001, and has carried out a string of attacks against variety minority communities in pakistan but recently they've been targeting the hazara shia community. as we have been saying, this is the very same group which carried out the attack in january. this is the very same group which carried out saturday's attack in which more than 60 people were killed. now, again, as we have been saying, the government here has promised to go after this group but they've shown very little ability to do anything about these attacks being carried out by lakshar jungdi. >> thank you. afghanistan's president happened -- had hamid karzai, said he will ban -- after a joint operation killed 10 in the northeast. karzai says international support must now stop. >> i will issue a decree tomorrow that no afghan security forces under any circumstances can ask for foreign planes to carry out operations on our homes and villages. >> thousands of protestors have gathered in
Feb 6, 2013 12:00am PST
was carried out by federal agents. how much danger they face and how much danger 5-year-old ethan faced because now authorities are saying as they went through the bunker in the aftermath, they've found one explosive device inside of the bunker and they found another located inside a pvc pipe which at one point was being used as a means to communicate. quite shocking to realize that those two explosive devices were there as the authorities raided. >> do we know what triggered the final assault by the fbi? and there are reports that there was some kind of shoot-out with the kidnapper. can you confirm that? >> right, yeah. the fbi is confirming that. they described it as -- i believe the term they used is "firefight," which again is another terrifying aspect considering it's an extremely enclosed small space in which this is all happening. there you've got a 5-year-old little boy. but what we know is that the last 24 hours beginning sunday afternoon apparently the negotiations have been going back and forth between dykes in his bunker and fbi authorities began to deteriorate. they felt th
Feb 27, 2013 12:00am PST
or using a stroller carrying packages they almost get hit by cars. another thing too. i also brought this up -- leave the bus stops they were put where they are for a reason they should be left alone and the [inaudible] should not be there at all thank you very much. >> thank you any other member of the public would like to comment? agreed. >> thank you. i just had a question i know in the resolution it mentioned that this is a carry over from the previous mou in terms of the amount but in our notes page 17 it says that the amount carried over is -- they are requesting 120 thousand and i just wanted some clarity. >> the 120 thousand is the amount not to exceed i think it covers past work that's already been initiated most of the remaining work the total budget is consistent at 120 thousand. 78 thousand is carried over from the previous -- the new will be completed by 2013 and that's the subject of the update. >> so the 78 thousand -- so an additional -- so that's included in the 120 thousand? >> correct. >> okay thank you. >> okay if no other comments, can we have a role call vote.
FOX News
Feb 25, 2013 10:00am PST
it illegal to carry a concealed weapon. welcome to america live, everyone, i'm megyn kelly. a big legal question today after two significant and contradictory court rulings in federal court last week. a federal appeals court in illinois deciding that a person's right to carry a concealed weapon is not protected under the second amendment, while a similar court in colorado refused to reconsider a previous ruling that the state's ban on concealed carry is unconstitutional. because of this contradiction and the fact that similar cases are on the docket in a number of states, legal experts are now predicting the u.s. supreme court will wind up ruling on the constitutionality of american's right to carry a concealed weapon. and that's a significant development in this effort for greater gun control. trace gallagher joins us now with the news on that, trace? >> and megyn, and while you have all of this focus whether congress is going to enact legislation to limit semi automatic weapons and assault rifles, these different rulings you talked about in federal court could really be the game chang
Feb 11, 2013 11:00pm EST
producer at wusa 9. we asked davis to look over her profile. carrie starts off with she's a typical red head. >> you never want to describe yourself as typical, because you want to stand out from the rest of the women on the screen. >> reporter: that's tip one. stand out and be specific about it. >> reporter: davis says it makes it easy for someone to write to you. and ladies, tip two. the old rules don't apply. women not only can write to men, they should. >> sometimes women just feel like they don't to be the first one to reach out, but it's really important, because you never want technology to get in your way if you're on page 10 of his search results and he only looks at the first 5, he might not even come across you. >> do you want to send that message to people? >> i do, but i don't know what to say. i don't know what the first line is. if i read a profile and thought he was attractive or thought, i really like his profile. now what do i say? >> reporter: that leads us to tip 3. crafting the e-mail. >> keep it short and then the question. >> reporter: back to carrie's profile an
Feb 3, 2013 11:05am EST
cited in a manifesto of the norway mass shooter as "part of my training simulation" carrying out his attacks. where is the artistic value of shooting innocent victims? i share of vice president joe biden's disbelief of manufacture denial that these games have no affect on real- world violence spread above all, we should not pass legislation that will not reduce mass killing. banning guns based on their appearance does not make sense. the 1994 assault weapon ban did not stop columbine. the justice department found the ban ineffective. scholars have indicated that refining or expanding social legislation will not cut gun violence. i also question the limitation on magazine capacity. those can be circumvented by carrying multiple guns as many killers have done. we hear that no one needs to carry larger magazines and those that hunters used to shoot deer is but an attacking criminal, and like a deer, shoots back. i do not think -- i think we may be able to work together to prevent straw purchasers from trafficking in guns. the oversight work i conducted on illegal operation fast and furi
Jan 31, 2013 7:00pm PST
'll carry out another nuclear test. u.s. military personnel in japan are preparing themselves for whatever happens. flight crews are moving surveillance aircraft to an air base in okinawa. a wc-135 plane arrived at kunida in mid-january. the aircraft can carry radioactive particles that can be released into the atmosphere by a nuclear test. crews are running it through takeoff and landing exercises. pilots also have been reported to carry out test flights on an rc-135 reconnaisance plane. they use that aircraft to gather and share information. they've converted a business jet into a surveillance plane. flight crews would be able to use its radar to detect information on the ground. diplomats from other countries are urging the north koreans not to follow through. some from japan and russia are scheduled to meet next week to coordinate their efforts. diplomats are finalizing arrangements for a visit to russia by japanese prime minister shinzo abe. russian politicians have some influence with their counterparts in north korea. the diplomats are expected to explore ways to dissuade leaders in
Feb 12, 2013 6:30pm PST
it will not bowed to international pressure to end its nuclear program. the country carry out its third nuclear test on tuesday, breaking u.n. resolutions, and for their actions could still be to come. >> p'yongyang says the test is an act of self-defense against what it calls hostility from the united states, but the move was only served to increase its isolation from the rest of the world. washington has confirmed north korea had told the u.s. government about the test beforehand. and even china, north korea's sole ally, has urged pyongyang to stop before it makes matters worse. >> tensions are high in south korea. protesters denounced north korea's nuclear tests. north korean state media claim the country had exploded a more powerful bomb than it had been able to build a earlier. diplomats at the united nations security council emergency meeting also expressed alarm. >> countries around the world, including every member of this security council, agreed that this test was an extremely regrettable act that further undermines international peace and security. >> many countries will likely impose new
Feb 19, 2013 7:00pm PST
such a missile could reach the u.s. west coast and could carry a nuclear payload. north korean scientists carried out another underground nuclear test last week. and authorities in pyongyang have hinted they may conduct another rocket launch before the end of this year. abe and obama will meet on friday at the white house. japanese government officials say the leaders will discuss the deployment of a second x band radar. u.s. army personnel already operate those systems at an air self-defense force base in northern japan. one government official says the additional system will make it possible to track missiles aimed at japan or the u.s. >>> a north korean diplomat made another kind of threat at the united nations conference on disarmament. he said what he called south korea's erratic behavior would only herald its final destruction. he made the remark in a meeting in geneva. delegates from south korea and the netherlands had criticized the latest nuclear test. the representative from seoul urged the north koreans to halt their nuclear program, saying it's damaging stability on the korean peninsu
Feb 12, 2013 5:30am PST
>> protests in south korea after the north carries out its third nuclear bomb test. hello. this is al jazeera from in doha. catholics are taking in the news of the pope's resignation and looking into who might be the next leader. provides food for millions of people. a huge mission and cleanup of the world's oceans. an historic moment in kenya. the first presidetelevised presidential debate. we will bring you all the highlights. north korea has tested a nuclear bomb. experts believe the blast was twice as careful as previous tests 2009. the first signs of the underground detonation came when a man made earthquake was detected in and around the test site. the u.s. geological survey measured magnitude 4.9, considerably more powerful than previous tests. leaders have condemned it. and there are protests in south korea. they have the north korean flag and pictures of the leader of north korea, kim john thune. >> this remote mountain range in northern north korea for weeks has been under scrutiny. on tuesday the wait was over. pyeongchang said it carried out a test of a miniatu
Feb 8, 2013 9:00am PST
seconded by commissioner moran and all in favor signify by saying aye. aye. >> motion is carried. public comment? mr. allen? >>> welcome. >> hi good afternoon commissioners i have a few questions that i would like to ask, the first question is to the chair through the city attorney at the december 11 commission meet commission torres asked us to report back to see if p uc can used the two millions million dollars in park bound money allocated to lake -- last june an e-mail was sent to the city attorney asking if that opinion has been given and so far he has not received a response. to get an answer from the city attorney from this very important issue. for your information, commissioners, at the january 8 meeting of the park recreation and open space advisory committee, reckon park gave a 20 minute progresses report on capital planning for the year 2013. lake -- was not mentioned. reckon's park answer to my question about of the status of 2 million-dollar park bound money for lake merced, was that the park will not get around to looking at lake merced until sometime in a
Feb 22, 2013 3:00pm PST
was not carried all they way down to the completion of the work. it's much too big and too massive. here's one that's just like it, except that it's fully manufactured. it's down to the level that it can be used. and if you'll look at it, you can see that all of the surface is roughed. it has not been ground against the surface of a metate yet. and so we have this interesting situation in both of these groups out there at petapilla where half the metates we found were unused. the other half were metates that they probably have made themselves but then they used in their ordinary household activities. keach: so sanders has found his metate makers, but what can they tell him about the economy of the ancient people ? on the spectrum from simple to complex, where might their system fall ? he still does not know the answers to a number of important questions. how were metates made, and who distributed them ? could these people have earned a living making metates ? no matter how much information they recover in an excavation, archaeologists never see an entire picture. from fragments of information
Feb 1, 2013 2:30pm PST
. in 2003 truck bombs hit targets in istanbul, including the u.k. consulate. those attacks were carried out by al qaeda affiliated groups. turkey says that this u.s. embassy attack was carried out by a leftist militant organization. the effect is the same. >> america is the target, there are nationalist, left wing group, as well as islamists in tushy who are not happy with their relationship with washington. >> >> this attack may not damage that alliance but it may force america to increase its security here. and elsewhere. a retreat behind fortress walls would hurt u.s. diplomacy. turkey is a nato country and it's one of america's most important allies in this region. for the u.s., that makes this attack all the more painful. even on allied territory, a diplomat cannot feel safe. james reynolds, bbc news. >> for more on today's attack, i spoke a brief time ago with a director of theture concern research program at the washington institute. turkish officials say this bombing was linked to left wing militants in turkey. why would they attack the u.s. embassy? >> left wing tradition in turkey
Feb 11, 2013 1:30am PST
forward to carrying on a rich tradition of following up with past reports, doing past juries proud, and we look forward to putting out some good reports. >> thank you. we also have, and i'm not going to call you out because i don't want anybody to [speaker not understood] we have several current jurors here and a number of former jurors here also. as kate said, the california jurors is comprised of [speaker not understood]. at the chapter here, we very much [speaker not understood] with the courts in recruiting and publicizing what the grand jury is all about. most people you talk to don't know what the civil grand jury is. they think criminal grand jury, barry bonds, but they don't know what the civil grand jury is about. we try to get the word out. because not only do we want people to serve on the grand jury, but i think it's important for people to know what the grand jury is all about. we are the watchdog of the citizens. this is our chance to participate in democracy. to investigate how our taxpayer dollars are being spent. and we need people to do those investigations, but we also n
Feb 18, 2013 11:00pm EST
of water, you have to take your computer out, and do not carry a loaded gun in your carry-on bag. he seems to have overlooked stock last nieto. authorities in guardia airport arrested him for having a firearm in his carry-on bag. he faces criminal possession of a weapon and second-degree felony charge. if convicted, he could face 15 years in prison. your seven-day forecast is next. go >> the washington nationals deserved an award for the use of mascots. they took part in a fourth inning presidential race during the whole game. they visited their namesake add rushmore. -- at rushmore. last check, william taft did not appear at rushmore but did make an appearance today. as the last time they are in stone and in sfelt. if they are doing so on presidents day. how appropriate. >> you have a presidential seven-day? >> the day after presidents day, rain comes into our area. mostly rain around baltimore, and it will be gone tomorrow evening. another wintery mixes possible tomorrow into saturday. >> that is it for tonight. >> jay: hey, kev, good to see you again. ♪ memories like the corner of my
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 5,168 (some duplicates have been removed)